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Two Serial Attached SCSI files have been sent for posting to

02-198r5 SAS OOB timing
Corrected/redrew OOB signal pictures and incorporated feedback from last
conference call.

sas-r00e - Latest working draft
Change bars are still from sas-r00. Incorporates these changes 
(not yet approved by a T10 plenary):
* changed "dword" to "data dword" where appropriate; 
  clarified type of BREAK and AIP primitives
* changed "send" to "transmit" whenever referring to 
  dwords on the wire (send is for state machine communication). 
  Use "send" and "receive" for state machine signal passing (requests,
  confirmations, and parameters) rather than "indicate."
* 18 June 2002 SAS call - 02-197r2 SAS Identification Sequence 
  state diagrams (George Penokie)
* 9 July 2002 SAS call - 02-219r3 SAS bit order for scrambling 
  and CRC (Jim Coomes)
* changed frame validity wording to "bytes between SOF and EOF
  less than 28, or bytes after SOF greater than 1052"
* marked all fill bytes as "vendor-specific"

Thanks to buggy Microsoft Word and/or Visio software, figures 80, 81,
82, and 83 (SSP transport layer state machines) are corrupt (they print
at 20x magnification, although they appear fine onscreen in the .doc
file).  Since Mark Evans is rewriting those figures in 02-216, I did not
fix them.

Also, John Worden has updated 02-202 and 02-203 and posted 02-275 and

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