OSD: July Call

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I can make Tuesday.  However if it is conflicting with both IETF and T10 
maybe we should just wait.


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Please RSVP for an OSD conference call next Tuesday, July 16th from 1-3 PST.
If there's enough interest (>5 people), I'll arrange for the audio bridge.
Otherwise we can wait until August 6th.

Here's the tentative agenda:

Attribute Task Force
T10 Standard & Meeting
iSCSI Requirements
Applications subgroup
CIM Modeling
Upcoming Security conference
Capability Task Force
October Symposium Agenda

Thanks - Mike

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Thanks for the clarification..

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The 16th is next Tuesday.  I can make either day - Tuesday the 16th or
the 19th.

"Mesnier, Michael" wrote:

 > The July conference was tentatively set for the 16th (next Friday) from
 > PST.  Does this present a big conflict with the folks attending the T10
 > conference?  If so, we can cancel the July call and wait for the one on
 > August 6th.
 > Thanks - Mike

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