Revised ADI WG Agenda (7/16/2002)

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As I've had a fair number of agenda modification requests, here's the
revised list of discussion items.  Unless someone feels that it's
necessary, I won't update the agenda document (02-238) on the web site
prior to the meeting.  As you see, there are two discussions which have
multiple documents.

Also, Michael Banther informed me that he won't be able to attend and asked
me to convey his regrets.



6. Discussion items:
a. Status of skeleton standards               Bob Griswold
b. ADT frame format                 02-233r0  Paul Suhler
                                    02-274r0  Rod Wideman
c. Configurable MODE Features       02-228r1  Rod Wideman
                                    02-234r1  Paul Suhler
                                    02-253r0  Paul Entzel
d. Straw man interface status page  02-xxxr0  Lee Jesionowski
e. Unit Attentions for ADC          02-xxxr0  Lee Jesionowski

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