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Serial Attached SCSI revision 00d was posted last night to  It does not include much miscellaneous
editorial cleanup as discussed in the last SAS WG, but does incorporate
all the approved proposals.

Change bars are still from sas-r00. Incorporates these changes (not yet
approved by a T10 plenary):
* 5 June 2002 SAS WG - removed device name from REPORT GENERAL
* 18 June 2002 SAS call - 02-204r1 SAS SSP Dealing with extra ACK/NAK
               primitives (Mark Evans)
* 26 June 2002 SAS WG - removed Protocol Violation and Failed Frame 
               confirmations from SMP_SFR1 state
* 26 June 2002 SAS WG - changed "device name" to "SAS address"
* 26 June 2002 SAS WG - 02-196r2 SAS SSP AEN (George Penokie)
* 26 June 2002 SAS WG - 02-201r3 SAS SSP Transmission of a DONE
               primitive to close an SSP connection (Mark Evans)
* 26 June 2002 SAS WG - 02-205r3 SAS connection behavior when 
               receiving a BREAK primitive (Mark Evans)
* Moved SPC-3 protocol-specific changes annex into 02-246r0
* Moved SAM-3 protocol-specific changes into 02-245r0

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