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The draft agenda for the Tuesday, July 16th meeting of the Automation Drive
Interface working group should shortly be available:

Since it was created, one new agenda item request has been received:

   Requestor: Paul Entzel <Paul.Entzel at>
      Agenda: ADI
    Document: T10/02-253r0
        Item: ADC Device Specific MODE page (02-253) [Paul Entzel]

Please let me know if you have any additions or other changes to the
agenda, which is reproduced below.

And finally, we're still without a permanent secretary.  A volunteer would
be greatly appreciated by all.


Paul Suhler


Draft Agenda
Automation/Drive Interface (ADI) Working Group
Ad Hoc Meeting
July 16, 2002 -- Colorado Springs
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

1. Introductions:                                                 Group

2. Call for secretary:                                            Paul

3. Approval of this agenda:                                       Paul

4.  Approval of previous meeting minutes:                         Paul
   a. 4/30/2002 meeting minutes               02-147r0
   b. 6/19/2002 conference call minutes       02-223r0

5.  Review of action items:                                       secretary
   a. Find a permanent secretary for this committee.
   b. Michael Banther will produce a proposal for additional MAM
   attributes. This will incorporate some of the additional data called for
   by 02-097r1.
   c. Paul Suhler will update 02-106r2 and provided it to Bob Griswold.
   d. Paul Suhler will find the document we produced in January laying out
   the transport layer frame and submit it to Bob Griswold for inclusion in
   ADT. Default settings for baud rate and stop bits will be included.
   e. Michael Banther will produce a proposal for the physical layer
   signals for ADP based off of 02-148r0. The proposal will include a
   recommended connector on the back of the drive.
   f. Bob Griswold will create new revisions of ADP, ADT, and ADC based on
   the proposals approved at this meeting.
   g. Rod Wideman will produce a proposed state diagram covering the VHF
   polling frame status bits.
   h. Paul Suhler will post the straw-man frame format as a proposal to
   T10.  Complete. (02-233r0)
   i. Lee Jesionowski will produce a list of UA conditions that could be
   presented by an ADC device.
   j. The group needs to review Tape Alert in SSC-2 looking for changes
   that are required.
   k. Paul Suhler will create a proposal for Seagate's implementation of
   MODE parameters for port control and load and eject control. Complete.
6. Discussion items:
   a. Status of skeleton standards                                Bob
   b. ADT frame format                        02-233r0            Paul
   c. Straw man interface status page         02-xxxr0            Lee
   d. TapeAlert usage for ADI                 02-xxxr0            Lee
   e. Unit Attentions for ADC                 02-xxxr0            Lee
   f. Port Control                            02-234r1            Paul
   g. ADC Device Specific MODE page           02-253r0            Paul

7. Unscheduled business:

8. Next meeting requirements:                                     Paul

9. Review new action items:                                       secretary

10. Adjournment:                                                  Group

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