[T11.3] Which way port control?

Paul.A.Suhler at seagate.com Paul.A.Suhler at seagate.com
Mon Jul 1 15:45:49 PDT 2002

INCITS T11.3 Mail Reflector
The members of the T10 Automation Drive Interface (ADI) working group would
like a bit of feedback from the T10 / T11 community on the best way to
implement some new features.

The group  is standardizing the interface for libraries to control the
removable medium devices (usually tape drives) installed in them.  One
scenario is that the drives will power up with their primary interface
port(s) -- e.g., Parallel SCSI or Fibre Channel -- disabled until the
library has configured the drive.  Typically the library will set the
(Parallel SCSI) ID or the (Fibre Channel) hard assigned loop identifier,
node name, and port names.  Finally, the port is enabled.

The main question is whether this should be done by:
   Extensions to the existing Fibre Channel Port Control mode page (19h) --
   and a new Protocol Specific Port mode page (19h) for Parallel SCSI.
   An entirely new mode page, possibly a subpage within the Extended mode
   page (15h)?

If you want to see the details of a couple of proposed solutions, then
please see Section 3 of ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/document.02/02-234r1.pdf,
which should be available shortly.  Don't bother with Rev. 0.


Paul Suhler
ADI Working Group Facilitator

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