[T11.3] FC Port Control Mode Page and RR_TOV

Paul.A.Suhler at seagate.com Paul.A.Suhler at seagate.com
Mon Jan 28 10:00:43 PST 2002

NCITS T11.3 Mail Reflector
I'm trying to clarify the behavior of an FCP target when the Fibre Channel
Port Control mode page (19h) is used to set the value of RR_TOV.  Please
let me know whether any of the following statements are incorrect.

1.  Default values of RR_TOV are 2 sec if RETRY = 0 in PRLI service
parameters and 3 x REC_TOV (6 sec) if RETRY = 1.

2.  Changing RR_TOV via mode page 19h overrides the setting of RETRY,
providing a single value for both values of RETRY.

3.  If a MODE SENSE for page 19h shows RR_TOV = 2 sec, then it's impossible
for the initiator to tell whether this is the default (with different
values depending upon RETRY) or whether a MODE SELECT has forced RR_TOV to
2 sec for both values of RETRY.

4.  If mode page 19h RR_TOV UNITS = 000b, then RR_TOV is vendor unique and
may or may not be the standard defaults.


Paul Suhler

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