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Harlan Andrews handrews at apple.com
Tue Jan 22 13:13:57 PST 2002

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Hale said...
 >The responses to the original question clearly show that many
 >T13 people immediately jumped to the conclusion that ignoring INTRQ
 >would not work in a WinTel system, probably without ever thinking
 >that this could be some other application for an ATA/ATAPI device
 >that has nothing to do with the WinTel world.

I agree about the unfortunate tendancy to think WinTel is everything.
However, in this case, there are a few "Real World" hard drives which set
status to ready before they are truely ready.   On those devices, if you
don't wait for INTRQ you can get data corruption.  You don't necessarily
have to actually interrupt, however you need to wait until the INTRQ
signal is asserted.


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