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>I am sure some of you are trying to help but it is clear some of you
>don't understand the problem... I have received several emails that,
>for example, suggest I don't understand that on many systems a "long
>int" is a 64-bit integer (what does that have to do with this issue?)
>or this suggestion:

>>and to use the types:
>>int8_t, uint8_t, int16_t, ...
>>This will work with all compilers if you assume 
>>thwos complement machines.

>This suggestion does nothing to answer the question: What does "Hex"
>mean in the MMC-x documents. Plus I have checked a few compilers
>around here and there is no inttypes.h include file. I quess if you

So all these compilers are outdated for a long time!

inttypes.h is part of the SUSv2 (1998) and C-99 standard and supported by many
platforms for about 3-5 years. Since > 1 year, I did not find any platform 
without inttypes.h 

>have a compiler that supports this include file that could be of
>value in your C programming. But again it does not answer the problem
>of the MMC Hex definition.

Of course, and it is simple to write a fallback using autoconf if the file does 
not exist.

>So again, in the context of the MMC-x documents and using the char,
>short and long definitions in my first email, please complete the
>following typedef for me:

>typedef ??? HEX

No, it is only for the notation inside the documents.
It means hexadecimal which should rather be called sedecimal.


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