[SRP] Agenda for March 1 SRP call

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Thu Feb 28 18:36:39 PST 2002

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March 1  0900-1100 PST
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"Response to T10 Letter Ballot comments on SRP", 
Comment IBM050, Pages 37 and 104

Rob Elliott, "Clearing effects of logouts on different protocols",  
t10 mailing list, 21 Feb 2002,
<78AF3C342AEAEF4BA33B35A8A15668C60296DB2C at cceexc17.americas.cpqcorp.net>

Reservations & Nexus r1  ftp://ftp.t10.org/t10/document.02/02-078r1.pdf

Attendence, Introductions____________________

Old Business__________________________________

1. IBM050

New Business___________________________________

(If time permits - not likely)

1. CPQ015 : MSB/LSB for Tag

2. Edit005 : 
   SPC-3 says "These [alias] associations shall be cleared under any event
that resets the logical unit and events designated by the SCSI protocol." It
appears that we need to have a list or a statement that there are no such
events. Where would it go, what would it say?

3. intel041:  may/shall send I_LOGOUT

4. intel042:  should/shall send T_LOGOUT

5. intel044:  LOGIN_REJ reason code  

6. intel084: replace 'count' with 'PMDL Length'

7. intel094: optional IUs?

8. intel096: T_LOGOUT reason code for bad length?

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