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Is there anybody here who can easily share ...

... a concise list of the binary incompatibilities of Scsi for peripheralDeviceType = x00 DirectAccess?

By a "binary incompatibility" I mean when the bit-identical Cdb is supported by two flavours of Scsi but actually means something different.

Versus classic Scsi-2, I think I remember the Sff flavour of Scsi most significantly:
1) Changed x2B Seek to be Immediate.
2) Suppressed x5A ModeSense10 block descriptors by default.
3) Zeroed the op x12 Inquiry bytes[x02] Scsi version.

Now lately I've been reminded that the Rbc flavour of Scsi most significantly:
1) Changed the op x12 Inquiry byte[x00] & x1F peripheralDeviceType = x0E Rbc DirectAccess.
2) ...

Anybody wanna complete this Rbc list for me?

And/or extend the Sff list?

Specifically I've heard ModeSense is again evil in Rbc, as it was in Sff.

Thanks in advance.    Pat LaVarre

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