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Thu Feb 28 08:53:19 PST 2002

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I've posted a new project proposal to the T10 web site:

02-094r0 Project proposal for SCSI Enclosure Services - 2 (SES-2)

Here's the description of proposed features:

The following items should be considered for inclusion in SES-2:
1) incorporation of SES Amendment #1; 
2) support for protocol-specific device elements for
   the enclosure status page; 
3) add a way to report that an enclosure services
   device is busy;
4) define vendor-specific diagnostic pages for enclosure
   services devices accessed via other devices; 
5) add visual identification control bits for each element type; 
6) add a way to report why the invalid operation requested 
   bit is set; and
7) other capabilities that may fit within the general application 
   scope of this project.

Rob Elliott, Compaq Server Storage
Robert.Elliott at

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