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Some thoughts below...

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> 2) Did we just now mean to say there really are useful &
> commercially available t10-compliance test suites made by people
> still in business?
> Can anyone here post links to more specific references?  Links to
> happy commendations from a customer who already spent the money?
> Do we know specifically of still selling test suites useful
> enough to automagically notice if x 08 00:00:00 00 00 moved 0
> bytes rather than than x100 blocks?

We sort of have a product that does this, but perhaps not in the way you're
interested in.  We capture and analyze CDBs being sent across SCSI, ATAPI,
1394, and USB bus architectures on Windows systems.  We can show you what
the CDB is being sent, the bytes requested, the bytes returned, and quite a
bit more.  Details are here:

15 day fully functional evaluation for those that are interested.

In terms of sending down your own custom CDBs, or doing T10 compliance, I
personally have not used any such software (as I just write my own code as
needed).  There is one product at that might be a
match.  I remember seeing a couple of other packages but I don't know if
they're still around.

Mike Berhan

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