sbc2r05, AER model, and more persistent reservations fixes posted

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These files have been posted to the T10 web site. The
proposals are on the CAP agenda for March.

sbc2r05 SCSI Block Commands - 2 revision 5
Incorporates READ CAPACITY (16) from 01-246r1, 
long INFORMATION field from 01-199r3, and rewords
some text on FORMAT UNIT's security initialize bit.

02-065r0 SPC-3 Persistent reservations corrections 
Addresses several different issues:
1) What additional sense codes to generate when
   PREEMPT and PREEMPT AND ABORT cause unit attentions

1a) What additional sense codes to generate for other
    service actions (RELEASE, CLEAR, REGISTER and 

2) Clarify how PREEMPT with the same key works

3) Clarify that PREEMPT AND ABORT does not abort the 
   PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT command itself

4) Define how reservation conflict checking works for
   linked commands (from discussions with 
   Mallikarjun Chadalapaka of HP)

5) Correction on incorporation of 01-099r6 (All target ports)

6) More definition of how the All Registrants type 
   should work (from incorporation of 01-204r2)

02-071r0 SAM-2 Asynchronous event reporting RPC
Defines a remote procedure call and protocol services
to represent asynchronous event reporting in the object

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