EUI-48 protocol ID for new VPD page 0x84

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Fri Feb 22 20:02:53 PST 2002

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The statement:

  "The VENDOR SPECIFIC EXTENSION ID, a 24-bit numeric value
  that is assigned by the organization associated with the
  IEEE company identifier, shall be unique within the scope
  of the IEEE COMPANY ID as required by the IEEE definition
  of EUI-48."

has problems from the word "shall" to the end of the sentence
since there is no normative reference provided for EUI-48.
As far as I can tell, if there are to be any standards
based requirements state here, they will have to come
|from SPC-3 because there is no other standard to reference.

The proposal as written leaves the glossary definitions,
acronym entries, and bibliography references for IEEE
Company ID and EUI-48 up to the discretion of the editor.
I do not mind these omissions, but will take a dim view
of complains about the results.

Thank you for considering these issues.


Peter Johansson wrote:

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> *
> Just posted is It proposes
> a new VPD page to permit the identification of protocols supported by
> devices whose command set (e.g., processor devices) is so generic that it
> is difficult, if not impossible, to discover additional functions.
> At present vendor-specific methods are the only ones available to provide
> additional information about processor devices. There is no standard format
> for the messages exchanged by SEND and RECEIVE. The proposed use of EUI-48
> to identify standard message sets enables devices from different vendors to
> interoperate.
> Agenda time has been requested the SCSI Commands and Protocol (CAP) working
> group in Dallas.
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> Peter Johansson
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