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Fri Feb 22 19:49:49 PST 2002

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> >The term "protocol" usually means SPI, FCP, SBP, etc.
> In the context of SAM, etc., "protocol" has come to have this 
> parochial meaning. I think we would be better served by consistently 
> using the phrase "transport protocol" in application to FCP, iSCSI, 
> SBP, SPI, SRP, etc.

This opinion is in direct conflict with instructions
I have received from T10 to replace "transport protocol"
with "SCSI protocol" throughout.

Parochial or not, unqualified "protocol" is not acceptable
in SCSI and any proposal sent to me with such terminology
will be edited to use different wording.

I strongly recommend that you follow Rob's advice.



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