OSD in review - February, 2002

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Thanks for these hints ... I ended up at <http://www.snia.org/English/Work_Groups/OSD/index.html>, which, ignorant as I am, I'd summarise as:

"... With OSD, file servers can be designed in such a way that they continue to own and manage the storage but do not necessarily serve the data, effectively becoming only file managers ...

"... interoperability is achieved because many of the system-specific storage management routines are moved down into the device ...

8 Members by name: "(Intel Labs, co-chair) ... (Ciprico, co-chair) ... (Sun) ... (StorageTek) ... (Seagate) ... (MTI) ... (HP Labs) ... (StorageTek)."

"In the near term ...
T10 Standardization of SCSI extensions to support OSD commands. 
IETF iSCSI Requirements for OSD commands. 
Aggregation and virtualization of OSD devices. 
Application of OSD in file systems and databases. 

"Recent Accomplishments  ...
January 2002 - - SNIA Symposium Organizing Meeting (join us!) 
November 2001 - - Work Group Kickstart 
February 2000 - - established SNIA and T10 collaboration 
October 1999 - - Work Group Kickoff 

Pat LaVarre

>>> "Carrier, John" <John_Carrier at adaptec.com> 02/20/02 02:53PM >>>
There is an OSD implementation effort underway at SNIA.  The co-chairs of
the workgroup are Michael Mesnier [michael.mesnier at intel.com] and Tom Ruwart
[tmruwart at ciprico.com]. Though they sometimes cross-post to the T10 site,
the workgroup maintains a separate mailing list at SNIA.


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> > You may want to peruse the OSD command set,
> > which has lots of long CDBs
> > and discusses using bidirectional for its CREATE command.
> Thanks for this pointer.
> How live/dead is this OSD effort?  Is it here that people 
> discuss it?  Anybody out there actually implementing this protocol?
> I ask because I hear above the 2GiB limit of FAT-16 LFN 
> people don't have a commonly agreed standard for 
> sneaker-netting filesystems between platforms.
> At first glance, I'd say T10 OSD is a form of Ftp over Scsi 
> ... which is interesting for efforts like file exchange for 
> peer-to-peer Usb (aka Usb OTG = On The Go).
> Pat LaVarre

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