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Fri Feb 15 11:09:14 PST 2002

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John Carrier	Adaptec 
Rob Elliott 	Compaq
Bob Nixon       Emulex
Giles Frazier   IBM 
George Penokie	IBM
Cris Simpson 	Intel
Ed Gardner		Ophidian
Gerald Mauer    QLogic

01-328r3 available at

Old Business_____________________________________________________

1. 02-004 status
   No work done or planned.

2. Review 02-064r3 

  Ed: Changed wording for UCSOLNT, added text for bit sense in several
  GOP: Text needs to say "shall be set to one/zero"
  Ed corrected, uploaded a new r3 to overwrite.

3. IBM #57    

  RobE: To case A, add "SRP_CMD".
        Cover all SRP_ reqs.

5. IBM050: 

After requesting that an RDMA channel be disconnected, after
being notified that an RDMA channel has been disconnected, 
or upon receiving an SRP_I_LOGOUT request (see 6.5), an 
SRP target port shall:
   Not alter previously established conditions, including 
   MODE SELECT parameters, reservations, ACA,
   and CA as a result of the disconnection.

GOP suggests: 
  A disconnect shall have no effect on SCSI parameters not specifically
  related to the transport layer (e.g., reservations, most SCSI mode 
  pages, and SCSI log pages).
CRS: Change 'transport' to 'interconnect'

   Behavioral differences w/ FC and iSCSI will make bridging 
   between SRP and those protocols difficult.

Add a mode page to control behavior?

RobE: We need to write up the bridging issues, so that we can talk to iSCSI
and FC people.

George & Rob will develop overview and suggestions.  Likely a CAP

May require a protocol mode page.

New Business______________________________________________________ 

Discussion of open technical comments

1. HP09: Security Protocol     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pending

   Reject, outside the scope of SRP.

2. HP27: Identifier construction rules . . . . . . . . . . Discussion needed

Anx B: Shall be an GUID (EUI-64?), which should be a CA GUID, plus an

Add a SRP-general description to Clause 5.

3. IBTA: IOControllerProfile I/O Class field  . . .  . . . Open

   Do it!

4. OD 3: Cross-channel reporting   . . . . . . . . . . . . Discussion needed

    Previously discussed, defer to SRP-2.   

5. OD 8: Buffer formats & codes . .  . . . . . . . . . . . Discussion needed

    Don't change.  

6. Troika: Correct Type Code in SRP_LOGIN_REJ .  . . . . . Closed


7.  IBM011: "This standard"

    Sometimes you're discussing the protocol, not the specification.  
    In SRP, the protocol will  be SRP, but the spec will be SRP-2.

8.  IBM042: "Exactly once"

    Change to:  "once, without duplication"

9.  IBM048: "Send tasks"

'd) For any outstanding SCSI tasks indicate to the application client that
the task has terminated with a service delivery system failure.'

Ed: Doesn't limit to the channel.

[Go with GOP's orignal suggestion.]

10. IBM097:  Lack of bi-dir examples

  5.4.2 Does say 'both'.
  Need to say "No requirement that they be in same format."

  Add at least one picture.  May need a new heading.

11. intel0057: "byte address"

    Byte offsets and lengths are pretty basic to the model.
    SAM2 says "offset in bytes" - review to see if that works better.

12: edit002: "No requirements"

   Add a footnote: "Does not change or override."

Next meeting_____________________________________________________

Feb 22 9000-1100 PST

Numbers:  1-888-316-5901,  1-617-801-9781   
Passcode: 9328.9303

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