Standard message sets for processor devices

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Mon Feb 11 16:28:22 PST 2002

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> >It sounds to me like you are asking T10 to assign a VERSION DESCRIPTOR
> >coded value (see table 56 in SPC-3 r03) to one
> >or more non-T10 documents.
> Sort of ...
> Table 56 would not reference any particular documents; instead, the new
> VERSION DESCRIPTOR code would describe the contents of the version
> descriptor as an EUI-48 that would in turn reference a document. The
> document would be available from the company or organization identified by
> the 24-bit OUI portion of the EUI-48.

Since a VERSION DESCRIPTOR is 16 bits, I doubt that it will successfully
contain an EUI-48. It seems unlikely to have the capacity to hold a
24-bit OUI.

Since there are only about 20 contiguous reserved bytes left in
the Standard INQUIRY data and since you clearly would have to
accommodate more than one EUI-48 to cover the several documents
that might eventually apply to an implementation, I guess you are
proposing a new VPD page.


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