Standard message sets for processor devices

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Sat Feb 9 13:16:00 PST 2002

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It sounds to me like you are asking T10 to assign a VERSION
DESCRIPTOR coded value (see table 56 in SPC-3 r03) to one
or more non-T10 documents.

There is precedent for this and I believe that there would
be few objections in CAP or the plenary to a written request
to do such a thing.



Peter Johansson wrote:

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> *
> I'm looking into the use of the processor device class to implement some
> commands that would otherwise require a new peripheral device type---a
> vanishing resource!
> The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any way to identify the format
> of the data exchanged by the SEND and RECEIVE commands. Except for keying
> the data format to the vendor ID---but this doesn't suit the purpose of a
> common format shared by many processor devices from different vendors.
> An ideal solution would permit a processor device to report, somewhere in
> response to INQUIRY, an EUI-48 that uniquely identified the document that
> specified the use of the SEND and RECEIVE commands.
> EUI-48 is an IEEE neologism for an identifier made up of a 24-bit
> company_ID and a 24-bit extension of the company's (or standards
> organization's choosing).
> Perhaps there's already some simple way to do this, but I've just pored
> over SPC-3 and don't find what I need.
> If there were a way to use the VENDOR IDENTIFICATION field in INQUIRY data
> for a binary value (instead of the ASCII currently defined), that would work.
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