Standard message sets for processor devices

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I'm looking into the use of the processor device class to implement some 
commands that would otherwise require a new peripheral device type---a 
vanishing resource!

The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any way to identify the format 
of the data exchanged by the SEND and RECEIVE commands. Except for keying 
the data format to the vendor ID---but this doesn't suit the purpose of a 
common format shared by many processor devices from different vendors.

An ideal solution would permit a processor device to report, somewhere in 
response to INQUIRY, an EUI-48 that uniquely identified the document that 
specified the use of the SEND and RECEIVE commands.

EUI-48 is an IEEE neologism for an identifier made up of a 24-bit 
company_ID and a 24-bit extension of the company's (or standards 
organization's choosing).

Perhaps there's already some simple way to do this, but I've just pored 
over SPC-3 and don't find what I need.

If there were a way to use the VENDOR IDENTIFICATION field in INQUIRY data 
for a binary value (instead of the ASCII currently defined), that would work.


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