Sense data descriptor length in 01-199r3

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Tue Feb 5 04:45:07 PST 2002

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* Ralph Weber <ralphoweber at>
Approved document 01-199r3 specifies that the
descriptor length field in the new request
sense format includes not only the length
byte itself but also the descriptor type
code field that precedes the length field
in the sense data descriptor format.

My understanding of the SCSI tradition is
that length fields always include only
the bytes that follow the length field:

  - Never the length field bytes, and
  - Never ever any bytes that precede
    the length field.

I am "editing" 01-199r3 to reflect my
understanding of how SCSI length fields
work as part of incorporating it in
SPC-3 r04.

If my understanding is wrong, please
notify me ASAP.



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