removable media considered!

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Hey, by the way, today I was delighted to notice that
we (T10) have finally gotten around to appreciating
that removable media exists:

"11.0 Features

"Virtually all removable medium devices are in effect
multi-function devices: they can use their medium when
present, but cannot perform any media operations when
no medium is present.

"When Features are used properly by the Host, the Host
should see only true medium errors and not need to do
any informational discovery through error codes.

"Features ... were not comprehensive, typically
documenting only optional behavior. This specification
associates all normal functionality with Features.

"Reporting of status via errors breaks down ... only
one process is made aware of state changes via the
error, while other processes cannot obtain the same
state information because the error (status change)
has already been reported to the Host (according to
the Logical Unit).

Thanks!    Pat LaVarre
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