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I've requested a waiver of copyright from TIA regarding use of TIA/EIA-422-B
in ADI.  It looks like they will grant it, but the ink's not dry just yet.
I've copied the exchange below.

Merry Christmas,
Michael Banther
Hewlett-Packard Company 

---- From TIA ----

Dear Michael,
This is acknowledgement that it is TIA's general policy to grant copyright
permission to other SDOs.  I am out of the office from 12/20 until Jan. 2.
I will be happy to respond in detail at that time.
Happy Holidays.
Susan Hoyler
Director, Standards Development & Promotion
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
Tel: 703.907.7704
Fax:  703.907.7728
2500 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300
Arlington, VA  22201  USA
shoyler at tia.eia.org

>>> "BANTHER,MICHAEL (HP-UnitedKingdom,ex2)" <michael_banther at hp.com>
Tuesday, December 17, 2002 10:23:24 AM >>>

Hello Susan,

I recently purchased copies of TIA/EIA-422-B and TIA/EIA-423-B.

I act as Hewlett-Packard's representative in one of the T10 working groups.
T10 (www.t10.org) is a technical committee of the InterNational Committee on
Information Technology Standards (INCITS, www.incits.org).

This particular working group is considering incorporating the TIA/EIA-422-B
and TIA/EIA-423-B standards by reference into a new low-bandwidth serial
transport protocol standard.  I would like to share copies of these
documents with the other members of the working group.  Will you please
consider granting permission to copy without charge exclusively for this

Each member of the working group needs a complete copy of each standard so
that they may study it and evaluate its applicability to the proposed new
standard.  If you grant permission, I will distribute the copies
electronically via e-mail.  At present the working group consists of eleven
members plus myself.  If you grant permission, I expect to distribute no
more than one copy per current member.  All members are computer engineers
working in the tape drive and tape library industry.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Michael Banther
Hewlett-Packard Company 

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