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> -- Item 2 --
> MMC device supports streaming Read/Write by setting of streaming bit
> Read 12, Write 12. Some members pointed out that device behavior of
Read 12
> streaming=1 may be different with streaming=0. And to recover from
> error quickly (for example fatal error due to finger print), I
> another behavior when streaming bit is set to 1, for example short
time out
> length comparing with streaming=0.
> Ordinary Read operation will take 7 - 10 sec time length when device
> performed retry seek/read and was encountered fatal error. To find
> place beyond finger print, 7 - 10 sec time length is too long.
Therefor to
> use Verify command onto Real time packet, streaming bit is required.
> So we would like to ask Item 2 that allocate new streaming 
> bit at Byte 6, bit 7 of VERIFY (10) Command.

Neither READ (12) nor WRITE (12) in SBC-2 have a "Streaming" bit today.
MMC-4's versions of those commands have that bit.

Does this belong in SBC-2's VERIFY (10) or is it best defined in
MMC-4's VERIFY (10)?

If SBC-2, does that mean its READ (12) and WRITE (12) commands need to
a Streaming bit?  How about VERIFY (12)?  How about READ (16), WRITE
and VERIFY (16)?

If MMC-4, should I mark that field as "Restricted" rather than
in SBC-2 so it doesn't get used for something else?

> I will attend the next MMC WG at Portland. So if you have comment or
> question, please visit MMC WG meeting. Also I welcome your comment via
> T10/Fuji reflector.
> Best regards,
> Keiji Katata

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