New SES-2 Bypass bits and SBC-2 Block Limits proposals

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Tue Dec 17 12:45:15 PST 2002

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These proposals are now available on for
discussion at the next CAP meeting:

03-028r0 SBC-2 Block Limits mode page 
Reports a few properties of volumes created by RAID controllers:
* maximum transfer length: READs or WRITEs greater than this are
* optimal transfer length: Transfers that exceed this size cause
  performance to drop significantly
* optimal transfer length granularity: Transfers not this many multiples
  of blocks cause performance to drop significantly
I do not expect disk drives to find much use for these fields.

03-029r0 SES-2 Array Status element bypass status enhancement 
Fixes the element bypass status bits for the Array Status
  diagnostic page in the same manner they were fixed for the
  Enclosure Status diagnostic page in 02-251r1.

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