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Thanks for the comments, Michael.

I agree with all of them as stated, except the last one regarding firmware
upgrade and tape motion status.  Since the value is relevant to "Tape Motion
Status" I believe it applies to and implies just that - there is a tape in
use and its current usage is updating firmware.

Having said that though, since it is unlikely that tape remains in motion
throughout the entire duration of the update, I wonder if it would be better
to eliminate altogether this one as a tape motion status, and as Michael
suggests, provide a separate indication of updating firmware.  If it's from
tape, that portion of the process would be reflected by a status of Reading.

If we can gain some consensus on these comments, I can update to an r1
possibly by next call.


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I've added comments on the ADI Very High Frequency log page to the attached

Michael Banther
Hewlett-Packard Company 

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