FCP-2 spec interpretation on PRLI (section 6.3.1)

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If both FCP devices (let's say device A and device B) have Initiator and Target function capability and one of the FCP device (device A) performed the PRLI with the other device (device B) and established the Image pair.   Is it necessary for device B to also send a PRLI to device A in order for device B to access the Target function of device A?

In the FCP-2 document section 6.2 paragraph 2 states that:
 "An initiator shall have successfully completed a PRLI with a target that establishes an image pair before any FCP IUs are  exchanged."  So this implies that each initiator must issue PRLI and establishes Image pair with the target before any FCP IU can be exchanged.

But in FCP-2 section 6.3 paragraph 3 it also stated that:
"If both FCP devices have both initiator and target capabilities, a single image pair allows both initiators to access the complementary
target capabilities of the other device in the pair."  Is this means that once that one of the device initiated PRLI and established image pair And the other device ACCepted the PRLI request with the Establish Image Pair bit set, then both devices can initiate FCP IUs to each other?

Can someone clarify this portion of the spec?

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