SAS address in SAS-r03

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Actually a disk will have four WWIDs; one for each port, one for the target
device, and one for the logical unit.
An expander port in not a SCSI port and does not have it's own WWID. An
expander device only has one WWID (unless it contains targets or initiators
that is).

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In clause 4.2.1 it states that world wide names are unique for devices AND
ports within the transport protocol. I interpret this to mean a disk with
two ports will have three WWNs. One for the device and one for each of its
In clause 4.6.2 third paragraph it states that in an expander there can be
an expander device and within it three ports all sharing the same WWN.
Is my interpretation correct?
If so, isn't 4.6.2 a contradiction of 4.2.1?
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