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Hi all,

1. change naming of DBI partition

DBI partition should be changed to DBI Zone.

2. change DBI memory model

I can get good input from Tokumitsu-san & Takahashi-san. So I would like to
make 2 DBI memory models. One for device that supports HW-DM and has much
memory named large DBI buffer memory model. Another for device that does
not have much memory named small DBI cache memory model.

Large DBI buffer model needs not DBI Zone. It has single DBI Zone. RDBI and
WDBI use same memory. They are same. So the drive ignore DBI memory type

Small DBI cache model needs to have 3 DBI Zones and different RDBI, WDBI
memory. DBI type field is valid.

3. question about Read10, 12 command

On Read10,12 command, drive never report recommended error. The behavior is
not changed at all.

I will answer to questions sent via email later.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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