Communicating port identifiers and names

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Tue Aug 27 15:27:26 PDT 2002

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George Penokie wrote:
> Luben,
> Yes we know. See T10 document 02-303r0.

Ok, that solves the length problem.

But I still don't know which Identifier Type to use
(Table 268, SPC-3, r8) in order to report (Target) the
SCSI Target Port Name/Identifier (same thing in iSCSI).

Currently it's limited to 233 bytes (Name(223)+,+t+,+0Xhhhh+0),
or 255 total stupulated (as per iSCSI, v16).

Looking at 5.7, it is clear that Target Port group
(Table 268) is the Target Portal Group Tag (1-FFFFh, iSCSI),
and the only logical Identifier Type to use
to report the SCSI Port Name/Identifier is the
Relative Target Port. But it only allows for 4 bytes
and it's binary only.

Should I use Vendor Specific or T10 Vendor Identification
identifier types (Table 268)? None of those
seem appropriate.

That is, I'm suggesting that the identifier ``Relative Target Port''
become ``Target Port'' and be allowed to take on ASCII values
up to 255 bytes in total length. (Table 268)

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