Communicating port identifiers and names

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Mon Aug 26 11:31:04 PDT 2002

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SAM-3, table A.2 specifies that the Object Name
(Target Port specifically) be communicated via
the Device Identification VPD page.

But looking at SPC-3, 8.6 VPD parameters, the only
Identifier Types (Table 266) which would allow for
sufficient length in order to report an iSCSI Target
Port Name, are Vendor Specific (0h) and T10 Vendor
Identification (1h).

More specifically the Identifier Types of Relative
target port, Target port group and Logical unit group
are all 4 bytes in length.

How should an iSCSI Target report to the Initiator
the SCSI Target Port (iSCSI, 2.4.2, b) )?
I.e. what Identifier Type should it use in order
to fit the whole SCSI Target Port?

Luben Tuikov
Splentec Ltd.
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