SSC-2 Conference Call Draft Agenda Posted (August 29, 2002)

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Fri Aug 23 12:54:59 PDT 2002

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I've sent a draft agenda for Thursday's phone conference to the T10 server.
It will appear at:

Following is a text-only version.

Please let Dave Peterson and myself know if you'd like any changes.


Paul Suhler
SSC-2 Secretary


Draft Agenda
SSC-2 Working Group
Ad Hoc Conference Call
August 29, 2002
10:00 AM Central Daylight Time (PDT + 2)

0. All Participants should use the following information to reach the
conference call:
·    Meeting ID: 262193
·    Local San Jose & International:  408-902-7860
·    Domestic Toll Free (Outside San Jose ONLY):  866-902-7860 ***This
number WILL NOT work from the 408 area code.***

1. Roll call:                                           Dave Peterson

2. Approval of this agenda:                02-316r0     Dave Peterson

3. Action Items
   1.      Dave Peterson to evaluate impact of RSMK=0 in the Device
   Configuration mode page and to post e-mail to reflector requesting
   impact of RSMK=0.
   2.      Everyone to determine their products' behavior for both settings
   of the SEW bit in the device configuration mode page.
   3.      Dave Peterson will investigate A0:A0 transition for BoX=FALSE
   and Implicit command enabled.
   4.      Working group will clarify medium partition page.
   5.      Dave Peterson to post the resolution of Note 48 to the T10
   6.      Dave Peterson to post summary of changes to TapeAlert.
   7.      All to determine how their drives report residuals for WRITE
   FILEMARKS for various combinations of fixed and variable block sizes.
   8.      Dave Peterson to post a reflector message asking who implements
   the various write protection modes.
   9.      Dave Peterson to request permission of Plenary to hold a
   conference call.

4. Discussion items:
     1.   Letter Ballot Comment Resolution         Dave Peterson

5. Unscheduled business:

6. Review new action items:                                  Paul Suhler

7. Adjournment:                                         Group

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