Agenda for the SSM meeting Aug 15

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Aug 13 PIP Editing, Aug 14 PIP, Aug 15 SSM - Foxconn, Radisson - Knotts
Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

2. Introductions
3. Attendance
4. Agenda development
5. Approval of previous minutes - 02-263r0
6. Action item review - 
7. Administrative structure
8. Presentation Policy
10. Presentations
10.1 Carry over presentations
10.1.1 Cable Models and Procedures (02-052) [Bruce Manildi & Umesh Chandra]

10.1.2 Periodic Structures in transmission lines, [Larry Barnes]

10.1.3 Backplane presentation, [Bruce Manildi]

10.2 New presentations

10.3 Basic system model, [Bill Troop IBM]

10.4 SSM-2 Document review -
10.4.1 SSM-2

11. Matrix development for SSM-2
11.1 Overview section: owner, (Bill Ham)

11.2 Transceiver chips: owner, (Richard Uber)

11.3 Bus segment termination: owner, (Paul Aloisi / Don Getty)

11.4 Host bus adapter (transceiver board): owners, (Lee Hearn)

11.5 Mated connectors: owner, (Martin Ogbuokiri, Steve Wong)

11.6 Transition regions: owners, (Bob Gannon, Jason Chou)

11.7 Bulk cable: owner, (Jie Fan, Zane Daggett, Greg Vaupotic)

11.8 Backplane: owner, (Bruce Manildi)

11.9 Cable assemblies, owner (Jason Chou (Lead), Bob Gannon, Steve Wong

11.10 How to develop IBIS model section 6.2.1,  - Complete for transceivers,
Connectors - Molex - Guss Panella (Martin will check)

12. Simulation integration strategy
12.1 System configurations - Topology, (Bruce Manildi)

12.2 Data patterns, (Bill Ham, Bruce Manildi)

12.3 Data rate -  (group) - Ultra640 & Ultra1280 additions

13. Tools:

14. New business

15. Status of models supplied to the T10 web site

16. Next meetings

Oct 15 SSM Editing, 16 SSM, 17 PIP Jie, Massachusetts
Dec 3 PIP Editing, 4 PIP, 5 SSM Bob Gannon Electronica Pantera, Mexico

17. Action Items:
17.1 Action items from previous meetings

Jie, Nicholaos and Zane Daggett will review cable model section 7.3.2  for
the June Editing meeting. Jie Fan will write up a new procedure for creating
the models, that will be sent to Bruce Manildi before the next meeting, that
Bruce will distribute. Verify Gigatest method. (Some input from Jie, but
need the multi line with crosstalk)

Richard Uber will review the transceiver model section 7.4.2 for the June
Editing meeting.

Lee Hearn & (Paul Aloisi Contact Bill Weurtz for an LSI representative and
Qlogic representative) to review section 8.1 & 9.4.3 Host bus adapter model
for the June Editing meeting.

Bob Gannon, Nicholaos Limberopoulos & Martin Ogbuokiri will review Cable
assemblies section 8.2 for the June Editing meeting.

Bruce Manildi will review the Backplane model section 8.3 & 9.4.3 for the
June Editing meeting.

Paul Aloisi will contact Bill Ham and Bill Troop about reviewing the system
section 8.4 & 9.5 for the June Editing meeting. (Send request in April, no
reply yet) Driver section needs the additions for SPI-5 - Bruce Manildi.

Paul Aloisi will contact Bill Ham and Bill Troop about reviewing the system
section 10  - Ultra640 additions needed for the June Editing meeting. (Send
request in April, no reply yet)

Contact Bill Petty about LSILogic Transceiver involvement.

17.2 New action items from present meeting

18. Adjourn

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