Call for Agenda Items, ADI Conference Call, 8/14/2002

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The draft agenda for this week's Automation Drive Interface working group
conference call has been posted:

Please send me any requests for additions.  The agenda is reproduced below.


Paul Suhler
ADI WG Facilitator


Draft Agenda
Automation/Drive Interface (ADI) Working Group
Ad Hoc Conference Call
August 14, 2002
8:30 AM -- 10:30 AM PDT

0. Participant Information:
     All Participants should use the following information to reach the
     conference call:
·    Toll Free Dial In Number: (800) 486-2460
·    International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:  (201) 368-8542

1. Roll call:                                           Paul Suhler

2.  Call for secretary:                                 Paul Suhler

3. Approval of this agenda:                 02-309r0    Paul Suhler

4. Action Items

   1.      Michael Banther will produce a proposal for additional MAM
   attributes. This will incorporate some of the additional data called for
   by 02-097r1.

   2.      Michael Banther will produce a proposal for the physical layer
   signals for ADP based off of 02-148r0. The proposal will include a
   recommended connector on the back of the drive.

   3.      Paul Entzel will write a proposal to obsolete Tape Alert Flags
   28h through 2Eh and removing the commands to support attached medium
   changers from SSC-2.

   4.      Everyone should submit other proposed changes for Tape Alert
   flags to Paul Entzel before the conference call for inclusion in the

   5.      Paul Suhler will produce a revision 4 of 02-106 with the changes
   agreed to in this meeting.

   6.      Paul Entzel will update 02-253 to revision 1 based on decisions
   at this meeting and post it to the T10 web site.  He will also provide
   Bob Griswold with word format source for this proposal.

   7.      Bob Griswold will create revision 0 of ADC using his skeleton
   and the proposals approved in this meeting and last by 7 August 2002.

   8.      Paul Suhler will schedule a conference call and post a message
   to the T10 reflector announcing it 2 weeks ahead of it.

5. Discussion items:
     Inclusion here does not mean that these items are expected to be
     finished by the conference call.
     Each item may simply be a summary of its status so that the group can
     give feedback.
a.   Additional MAM attributes                02-xxxr0   Michael Banther
b.   Physical layer signals proposal          02-xxxr0   Michael Banther
c.   Changes to TapeAlert flags                          Paul Entzel
d.   State diagram                            02-xxxr0   Rod Wideman

6. Unscheduled business:

7. Review new action items:                               secretary

8. Adjournment:                                           Group

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