[T11.3] Re: FC-FS: REC to revert to ELS

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 9 17:22:01 PDT 2002

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IBM Tape devices, Magstar 3590 and LTO Ultrium 358x devices have
implemented the response REC as an FC4 Link Service.  We have also
implemented our response to REC as an ELS.  We will respond in whatever
manner the host makes the request,  either FC4 Link Service Response or ELS
Response.  We do not issue a REC Request.

Kevin D. Butt
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This message is to inform the community of the decision of the FC-FS
working group to
      reestablish the Read Exchange Concise Extended Link Service as
      defined in FC-FS version 0.30 (T11/00-340v1, July 2000);
      recommend to T10 that, circumstances permitting, FCP-2 be revised to
      reflect REC as an Extended Link Service rather than an FC-4 Link
      Service; and
      recommend to T10 that, should it be impractical to revise FCP-2,
      FCP-3 be written to reflect REC as an ELS rather than an FC-4 Link
      Service, and implementers of FCP-2 be advised to diverge from the
      published standard in the same manner.
This decision was motivated by the understanding of all present that the
behavior proposed reflects the actual implementation of all products using
REC.  The community is solicited to advise the T11.3 distribution (
t11_3 at mail.t11.org) of contact information for any products known to
implement the REC FC-4 Link Service as defined in the current version of
the FCP-2 specification.

   - Bob Nixon, FC-FS working group secretary

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