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No call 8/5 (T11 week).


Start Date/Time: 08/12/02 MON 02:00 PM CDT
End Date/Time: 08/12/02 MON 04:00 PM CDT

Toll Free Dial in Number: (877)214-6371
International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (504)588-9086


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Date: 8/12/2002
Time: 1:45PM, (GMT -05:00) Central Time, USA & Canada (DayLight Time)
Meeting Number: 281981011
Meeting Password: OOBagain


1.  OOB

Tom Grieff noted that he thought a change proposed from the PHY working
group in the RCD in the speed negotiation window was not completely thought
out. He suggested that the PHY group look again at the lockup time, which
should be a larger portion of the window.

2.  LED driver

Suggested solution: 15mA current source (sink), non-adjustable, what
tolerance? 3.6V maximum? Be prepared with driver capability information.

3.  Test Patterns

Kramer, Brown, and Laschinsky to determine test pattern set. Work with Jim
Coomes regarding scrambling algorithm. FCAL does not scramble data, so
patterns may need modification for equivalent testing with SAS.

4.  Test loads

Jenkins to report on T11 status. Cox to review current PHY section test
references to compliant loads.

5.  Common mode shift oxide stress

Intel to update model, additional considerations by others, PSCSI and FCAL
experience/differentiation. Concern mentioned by Brown due to optional
transmitter AC coupling. Should AC coupling of the transmitter be optional?

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