SAM2: doubts over service delivery subsystem

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Hello All,

I have some doubts over Service Delivery subsystem as defined in the SAM-2
r20 specs.

1. I am unable to analyze the physical components of a Service delivery
subsystem. According to the definition a Service delivery subsystem is a set
of one or more physical interconnects that appear to a client or server as a
single path for the transfer of requests, responses and data between SCSI

In terms of iSCSI what are the constituents of a Service Delivery subsystem

2. Request/Response Ordering (page 24, 4.6.2) The text states "......
Similarly, the SCSI Initiator device acquires knowledge about the state of
pending commands and task management functions and may susequently take
actions based on the nature and response of SCSI Target device responses
 e.g if the SCSI initiator device aborts a command whose completion response
is in transit and the abort response is received out of order, the SCSI
initiator device could incorrectly conclude that no further responses are
expeted from the command)

This part is not very clear to me, can somebody eloborate a little..

Sanjeev ( sbhagat at

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