Proposed date change for May 2002 T10 meeting week

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After pressing "send" on the last e-mail, I realize that I may have given
you all the wrong impression.  May no doubt, I do want a date change.  The
Nashua Sheraton works with us and has been "trained" to accommodate the T10
week.  Remember this is NH we are talking about and there are not a ton of
locations that can handle this.  Something to keep in mind when we look at
2004.  On the other hand there are a lot of you, you travel by car each day
to the meetings in Nashua.  (Your votes shouldn't count here).

All joking aside, I don't believe any one suffered personal injury or other
when we have changed the meetings in the past.  I can't imagine anyone will
this time either.

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Actually Ralph you are correct.  We will probably have to change 2003.  I am
willing to stay with the existing week for 2002.  I have not signed that
contract yet because the hotel is not as good and the flexibility of the
staff of that hotel working with us is less than favorable.  I thought about
requesting to change the location to Boston, but given the recent events,
Boston is not a very attractive place either.

>From the moment John asked me to Host this year I have been trying to get
back in the Nashua location but there has been a conflict.  We did find
another location, but again, it is less than ideal.

I like John's approach, but seriously, if the general consensus is to leave
it alone, I will live with it.  We will try to be as flexible as possible.


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