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At 10:32 AM 9/20/2001 -0400, Binford, Charles wrote:

>I would prefer iSCSI to be silent on the "default value" of any mode page 
>field.  In SCSI (regardless of the transport) the default value of any 
>given mode page field is up to the target vendor.  Initiators choose to 
>either a) accept the default, b) temporarily change the current setting by 
>issuing a mode select (without save), or c) change the current setting via 
>mode select with the Save option, requesting the target to remember the 
>new value after any resets, power cycles, or in the case of iSCSI, new 

You're right, Charles---but it might be helpful to the iSCSI folk to point 
out a solution that fits within accepted SCSI architecture conventions.

That is, iSCSI could "profile" (perhaps in a normative annex) the default 
mode page settings expected of a SBC or RBC device manufactured for use in 
an IP-connected environment.


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