CLEAR ACA and tasks w/ the ACA attribute

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Wed Sep 19 03:44:40 PDT 2001

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At the 9/10 SAM-2 editing meeting, concerns were raised
about the following wording in 5.6.1 (page 57):

"The following initiator actions affect only the task(s)
  created by the initiator that takes the action:
  d) An ACA condition was cleared and the task had the ACA

Charles Binford has pointed out that the wording dates to
SAM-1 (see 7.3, PDF page 65, SAM-R18.PDF).

The issue is, "What happens to a task with the ACA attribute
if a CLEAR ACA task management function arrives while the
task is being processed?" The answer is that the CLEAR ACA
acts as an ABORT TASK for the task with the ACA attribute.

My resolution for the issue raised by the editing meeting
is as follows:

1) Add the following sentence to the CLEAR ACA task management
function description: "For tasks with the ACA attribute, receipt
of the CLEAR ACA function shall have the same effect as receipt
of the ABORT TASK function."

2) Add a cross reference from the list entry in 5.6.1 to the
CLEAR ACA function description.

These changes will appear in SAM-2 revision 20.



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