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Couple of "All" action items for the SSC-2 Working Group:

1. Determine what is currently done and what should be done if a target
does not support command queuing receives a tagged command.

- In our Fibre drive we return an fcp_rsp_code of 02h FCP_CMND Invalid if
sent an incorrect Task type.

- In our SCSI drive we follow SPI2 Section 11.5.3 which says,
"If a target does not implement tagged queuing and a queue tag message is
received the target shall switch
to a MESSAGE IN phase with a MESSAGE REJECT message and accept the task as
if it were untagged
provided there are no outstanding untagged tasks from that initiator."

- I believe there is no reason to change what is documented in SPI2 for the
SCSI case.  I also believe that on other protocols (such as fibre channel)
a response that the command was invalid would be appropriate.

2. Determine how drives which do not support unloading at EOT will behave
when LOAD UNLOAD has LOAD=0 and EOT=1.

- A check condition of Invalid field in CDB pointing to EOT bit would be
the correct response.

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