Sense data and SCSI Good Status

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>If a recoverable error occurs for a command other than REQUEST SENSE, is it
>valid to return sense data along with a Good SCSI status? (I'm looking but
>have not yet found any text about this yet, but I'll keep looking).

No.  Sam2r20.pdf, page 68, second paragraph of sub-clause,

"If supported by the protocol and logical unit and requested by the Execute
Command remote procedure call (see 5.1), the device server shall only return
sense data in this manner coincident with the completion of a command with a

This applies to Autosense, but since CHECK CONDITION is what tells the
initiator to issue a REQUEST SENSE, operation is the same with or without
Autosense -- sense data is only available with CHECK CONDITION status.

With that said, you could always propose changing the above sentence.  I
recall discussion of a possible GOOD WITH SENSE DATA status.  Watch out for
editting collisions with the latest revision of 00-359 (it changes the
referenced paragraph, althought not that sentence).

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