[Question]About Mode Parameters of Page 0x18 and 0x19

Katsumoto Onoyama k-onoya at str.hitachi.co.jp
Tue Oct 30 23:18:08 PST 2001

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Hello All.

	 I have A question about mode parameters of page 0x18 (protocol 
	specific LUN page) and 0x19 (protocol specific port page).

	 In SPC-2 (Rev20) or SPC-3 (Rev00), PROTOCOL IDENTIFIER is
	described in BYTE 2 on both page 0x18 and 0x19. 

	 But in SPI-4, PROTOCOL IDENTIFIER is NOT described (BYTE 2 is
	reserved) on page 0x18, and is described in BYTE 3 on page 0x19.

	 I think SPC is correct, and SPI has typo in description of

	Could someone teach me which is correct ?

Katsumoto Onoyama
HITACHI Ltd., Data Storage Systems Division
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