Definition of deskew delay in SPI-3

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SPI-3 rev. 14 defines something called a system deskew delay. It has been
pointed out to me that there are three instances (two in section 9.5.4 and
one in section B.2.2) that simply refer to a deskew delay. I believe this
should be the same as a system deskew delay (since we don't actually define
anything else with the word deskew in it), but it would be more clear if
these instances could be changed to "system deskew delay".

Is it too late to get this editorial change into SPI-3?

I have noted that SPI-4 rev. 7 has wording in sections 10.4.4,,,  and B.2.2 that refer to "deskew delay" instead of "system
deskew delay". Again I believe these all should be system deskew delay.
Since this should be editorial change, we should at least get the changes
into SPI-4.

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