Results of T10 letter ballot on forwarding SPI-4

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The SPI-4 letter ballot passed 40:2:3:1=46.  The complete ballot results 
including the comments are available at:

Voting Results on T10 Letter Ballot 01-291r0 on
Forwarding SPI-4 to first public review

Organization                      Name                 S Vote Add'l Info
--------------------------------- -------------------- - ---- ----------
Adaptec, Inc.                     Ron Roberts          P Yes
Amphenol Interconnect             Michael Wingard      P Yes
Ancot Corp.                       Bart Raudebaugh      P Yes
Andiamo Systems, Inc.             Claudio DeSanti      P Yes
BREA Technologies, Inc.           Bill Galloway        P YesC Cmnts
Brocade Comm. Systems, Inc.       Robert Snively       P Abs  Cmnts
Cisco Systems, Inc.               David Peterson       P Yes
Compaq Computer Corp.             Robert C. Elliott    P No   Cmnts
Congruent Software, Inc.          Peter Johansson      P Yes
Crossroads Systems, Inc.          Robert Griswold      P Yes
Dallas Semiconductor              Titkwan Hui          P Yes
Dell Computer Corp.               Kevin Marks          P Yes
EMC                               Gary S. Robinson     P Yes
Emulex                            Robert H. Nixon      P Abs  Cmnts
ENDL Texas                        Ralph O. Weber       P No   Cmnts
Exabyte Corp.                     Joe Breher           P Yes
FCI                               Douglas Wagner       P Yes
Fujitsu                           Eugene Lew           P Yes
General Dynamics                  Nathan Hastad        P Yes
Genroco, Inc.                     Donald Woelz         P Yes
Hewlett Packard Co.               Bill Hooper          A Yes
Hitachi Cable Manchester          Randy Wasylak        A Yes
IBM / Tivoli Systems              George O. Penokie    P Yes
Intel Corp.                       Cris Simpson         P Yes
Iomega Corp.                      Tim Bradshaw         P Yes
KnowledgeTek, Inc.                Dennis Moore         P Yes
LSI Logic Corp.                   John Lohmeyer        P Yes
Maxtor Corp.                      Mark Evans           P YesC Cmnts
Microsoft Corp.                                          DNV
Molex Inc.                        Glen Griessler       A Yes
Nishan Systems Inc.               Charles Monia        P Yes
Ophidian Designs                  Edward A. Gardner    P Yes
Panasonic Technologies, Inc       Terence J. Nelson    P Yes
Philips Electronics/CD Edge       William P. McFerrin  P Yes
Pirus Networks                    Charles Binford      P Yes
QLogic Corp.                      Richard Moore        A YesC Cmnts
Quantum Corp.                     Paul Entzel          P Yes
Seagate Technology                Gerald Houlder       P Yes
Storage Technology Corp.          Erich Oetting        P Yes
Sun Microsystems, Inc.            Kenneth Moe          P Yes
Texas Instruments                 Paul D. Aloisi       P YesC Cmnts
Toshiba America Elec. Comp.       Tasuku Kasebayashi   P Yes
Troika Networks, Inc.             William C. Terrell   P Yes
TycoElectronics                   Charles Brill        P Yes
Veritas Software                  Roger Cummings       P Abs  Cmnts
Woven Electronics                 Doug Piper           P Yes

Ballot totals: (40:2:3:1=46)
  40 Yes
   2 No
   3 Abstain
   1 Organization(s) did not vote
  46 Total voting organizations
   9 Ballot(s) included comments

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