SSC-2 Draft Agenda for Nov. 5, 2001 is Available / Call for Agenda Items

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The draft agenda for the November 5, 2001 ad hoc meeting of the SSC-2
working group is now available on the T10 web site:

Please send requests for additional agenda items to Dave Peterson and Paul

The text-only version follows.


Paul Suhler
SSC-2 WG Secretary

SSC-2 Working Group
Ad Hoc Meeting
November 5, 2001 ? Monterey, CA
10:00 AM ? 6:00 PM

1. Introductions:                                       Group

2. Approval of this agenda:                T10/01-306r0 Dave Peterson

3. Approval of minutes:
     a. 9/10/2001 working group minutes    T10/01-273r0 Dave Peterson

4. Review of old action items:                               Paul Suhler

     4.1  Dave Peterson:  Devise alternative wording for "fixed block mode"
        in section 7.4.

     4.2  Dave Peterson:  Re-word the description of the SELECT data
        compression algorithm field in the Device Configuration mode page
        to have it ignored if the Data Compression page is sent in the same
        MODE SELECT command.

     4.3  Erich Oetting:  In the CAP working group, discuss handling of
        queued commands if the device server does not support queuing.
        Decide what behavior is correct.

     4.4  Dave Peterson:  Add wording to the LOAD UNLOAD command
        description to reject commands with LOAD = 0 and EOT = 1 if the
        device does not support unloading at EOT.

     4.5  Dave Peterson:  Implement changes to WRITE(16) and WRITE
        IN SEQUENCE bits.  Revise state transition diagrams accordingly.
        Add overview figure of state transition diagram.  (See 5.1.)

     4.6  Paul Entzel:  Submit proposal to not require IMMED = 1 in clause
        4.2.10, Progress Indication.

     4.7  Dave Peterson:  Incorporate changes to clauses 5.7 and 6.9 to
        require a check condition and to specify the ASC/ASCQ if the IMMED
        bit is set when the device is not in unbuffered mode.

     4.8  All:  Review SSC-2 rev. 5.

     4.9  Dave Peterson:  Organize phone conference prior to next T10
        plenary week.

5. Discussion items:

6. Review of SSC-2 rev 06:                              Dave Peterson

7. Unscheduled business:                                Dave Peterson

8. Next meeting requirements:                           Dave Peterson

9. Review new action items:                             Dave Peterson

10. Adjournment:                                        Group

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