Comments on 00-359r6; extra unit attentions are permitted

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Thu Oct 11 14:42:48 PDT 2001

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>I believe that the 00-359r6 proposed changes in
>(Asynchronous Event Reporting) cast too broad a net for
>when unit attention conditions may not be cleared. Other
>wording in SAM-2 notwithstanding, the proposed changes
>go beyond what is necessary to accomplish the goals of
>the proposal.
>I anticipate a lively debate on this subject in the
>November CAP working group.

The 00-359r6 proposed changes to have been reviewed twice by a CAP
working group -- once in July and again in September.  Neither working group
commented on or requested any alteration in those proposed changes.

The "clarification" you propose is contrary to the entire intent of the
proposal -- it recreates the problem this proposal is trying to cure.

You will not see a lively debate in November, instead you will see the
proposal withdrawn.

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