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Hi, Keiji-san and all,

Thank you!

What I want to get a clear idea is if there is any restriction or limit on
"Number of Performance Descriptors" or the number of performance segments
defined by the Start/End LBA on a given medium.  In the implementation of
the command SET STREAMING, there should be a limit on this and  the
implementer should control the numbers, say 8 or 16.  I don't care much
about the details of performance or read/write speed itself.

I am wondering if there is anyone out there implemented this command ?
Could you share with me your experience or tips of the implementation if

Thank you very much,

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Hi Xin,

I have no idea. You must control using "Maximum Number of Descriptors".
By the way, recent CD-R/RW drives control its writing speed automatically.
But their speed is very high. Why do you need to know the details of the

Keiji Katata

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