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While Ed's note is correct in the main, I believe the behavior specified in
SAM is not the only determinant of ordering behavior.

Strictly speaking, the ordering guarantees should also be a function of the
device model. For example, the streaming device model may require that
simple commands from a single initiator be processed in the order received.
I don't know if this consideration is reflected in the device-dependent SCSI

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> The simple answer is that an initiator may not make any 
> assumptions about
> the order of requests to the same blocks (by itself or other 
> initiators)
> that may be outstanding at the same time.  If you care about 
> ordering, an
> initiator must wait until previous requests are complete 
> before issuing a
> request that references the same block(s).
> This assumes that all commands are issued as simple tasks, 
> which is the most
> common situation today (one suspects the only situation).
> People have suggested more complex schemes in the past, amounting to
> exporting some portion of the transfer dependency graph to 
> the target.  The
> ordered task attribute is one approach to this.  None have 
> proved practical
> in practice.
> In practice, if a target receives references to the same 
> block from multiple
> initiators, it can perform the operations in whatever order it wishes.
> There is no "correct" order, all are equally valid.  (Again, 
> I'm assuming
> all are issued as simple tasks).
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> Hello All (T10, IPS),
> The SAM-2 specifications makes no assumption about, or places any
> requirement on the ordering of requests or responses between 
> tasks or task
> management functions received from different SCSI initiator ports.
> In this scenario how can a SCSI target make correctly handle 
> the read/write
> requests made on same blocks by different intiators at the same time.
> Sanjeev
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